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Restore the just-laid look of your driveway with our professional cleaning service. Using a revolutionary rotary cleaning method, we can eradicate dirt and grime to create a smart and welcoming entrance to your home.

How it works

Powerful, professional cleaning

Using a professional rotary-headed pressure cleaner, we will remove the build up of weeds, moss, algae and any dirt or grime. Unlike a standard pressure washer, this features an attachment which concentrates the pressure of the water into one spot, as well as bristles to effectively remove any dirt. It also has wheels to make it easier to manoeuvre across slabs, block paving, tarmac or concrete.

This specialised tool allows us to achieve fantastic results every time. If cleaning block paving, once the surface is clear we’ll sweep pure kiln-dried sand into the joints to stabilise the paving and prevent any movement. The process of kiln-drying removes any moisture from the sand, which ensures it flows easily between joints and gaps, without sticking to the paving.

Competitive rates for landscaping

Competitive prices

How much does cleaning cost?

As a smaller company with fewer overheads, our prices are often very competitive. The cost of having your driveway cleaned will depend on its size, but the average cost to clean a one or two car driveway is £150. For a quick and accurate quote, we recommend getting in touch with our team.

To reduce the need for deep cleaning in future, and to save you money, we also offer a weed control service. A twice-yearly treatment will keep your driveway clear and clean, with stubborn weeds kept at bay. This treatment is a cost-effective option and a good preventative measure to avoid the need for a complete driveway clean.

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